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The DIE aims to experiment music into a large ensemble with different forms of collective compositions and improvisations. Its groups musicians part of the experimental music scene, for most of them based in the east of France.

Karam Alzouhir - viola
Hector J. Ayala - e-guitar
Jeanne Barbieri - voice
Lise Barkas - hurdy-gurdy
Alma Bucciali - cello
Félix Chaillou-Delecourt - hurdy-gurdy
Stéphane Clor - double bass
Julien Desailly - uilleann pipes
Anil Eraslan - cello
Xavière Fertin - clarinets
Laure Fischer - saxophones
Louis Freres - double bass
Alicia Girod-Kusmeruk - violin
Ross Heselton - acoustic guitar
Olivier Maurel - electronic
Tom Malmendier - drums
Ayako Okubo - flutes
Léonie Risjeterre - acoustic guitar
Ruben Tenenbaum - violin
Merve Salgar - tambur
Emilie Škrijelj - accordion
Evan Vercoutre - classical guitar
Theo Zimmermann - e-guitar

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