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Mostly self-taught, I'm from the very beginning interested in the sound, more than in the pure technique of the instrument, or the goal of "being a drummer". I just wanted to "do sound", to play with sounds, enjoy myself with that. So really soon improvisation became a great part of my playing.

I had the huge chance to meet a lot of great musicians, in Liège, in Brussel, and everywhere in Belgium, in France, and other parts of the world. 

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of my current bands or people I use to play with:

-Nystagmus (Duo with Farida Amadou on bass)

-TAndEm (Trio with Anouck Genthon, violin, and Ed Williams, guitar)

-Ninglinspo (with Louis Freres, bass, Sylvain Haenen, guitar, Laurent Danloy, live visuals)

-Bobby de Nazareth (six-pieces band around compositions of Louis Freres)

-Obj Subs (with Louis Freres, bass, Sylvain Haenen, guitar, Audrey Lauro, sax, Xavière Fertin, clarinet)

-Cécile Thévenot (french pianist)

-Phil Maggi (belgian vocalist, sounds)

-Escargot (with Louis Freres, Xavière Fertin, Camille Emaille, Timothée Quost)

-Manolito (with Olivia Scemama on bass and Thomas Zielinsky on guitar)

-Teostok (duo with Olivia Scemama)

-Franq (with Quentin Stokart on guitar and Frans Van Isacker on clarinets and sax)

-HGU (with Pavel Tchikov, Cyrille Lahaye-Goffart, Marie Billy, Zoé Pireaux, Martin Chenel, Manu Henrion, Alexis Van Doosselaere, Charlie Maerevoet)

What's happening ->

First album + Canadian Tour with Tandem (Ed Williams + Anouck Genthon) (Sept-Oct)