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To Come:                                (if you want some informations about a concert don"t                                                           hesitate to write me at



-7th  n u i t s "Aposiopèse" @ Le Lieu Multiple, Poitiers (F)

-8th  Trio with Phil Maggi and Pavel Tchikov @ Les Brasseurs, Liège (B)

-9th  n u i t s "Aposiopèse" @ Apollonia, Strasbourg (F)

-10th  Duo with thisquietarmy @ La Chaouée, Metz (F)

-18th Trio with Sakina Abdou and Céline Rivoal @ Atlantique Jazz Festival, Brest (F)

-19th Duo with Fred Frith @ Atlantique Jazz Festival, Brest (F)

-27th Escargot @ Café Oto, London (UK)


-10th  BRUINE (Michael Thieke, Emilie Skrijelj, TM) @ GMEA, Albi (F) (17h-End of residency performance)

-15th  Youbitcold (Elio Amberg, Emilie Skrijelj, TM) @ Cabaret Voltaire, Beja (P)

-16th  Youbitcold (Elio Amberg, Emilie Skrijelj, TM) @ Cossoul, Lisbon (P)

-17th  Youbitcold (Elio Amberg, Emilie Skrijelj, TM) @ OdC, Montemor-o-Novo (P)

-18th  Youbitcold (Elio Amberg, Emilie Skrijelj, TM) feat João Almeida @ Prisma, Lisbon (P)

-22nd Youbitcold (Elio Amberg, Emilie Skrijelj, TM) @ Lex Madone, Geneva (CH)

-24th  n u i t s @ Arsenal, Metz (F)


-1st  Trio with Anil Eraslan, Fred Frith @ Trinitaires, Metz (F)

-2nd Trio with Anil Eraslan, Fred Frith @ Jazz à Poitiers, Poitiers (F)

-3rd  Trio with Anil Eraslan, Fred Frith @ Pannonica, Nantes (F)


(this site exist since 2017, so this agenda begin in 2017, one day I will put all my past shows..maybe)


-4th  Nystagmus at Recyclart, Brussel during "Nuits du Beau Tas"  with Farida Amadou and Phil Maggi

-5th  Bobby de Nazareth  at La Zone, Liège

-8th  Bobby de Nazareth  at AudioPlant, Antwerp

-14th to 28th  Tour with Labirinto (Brasil)


-18th  Duo with Vincent Tholomé in Marseille 

-18th  Duo with Vincent Lajus  in Aix-en-Provence

-21st  Duo with Cécile Thévenot at Zaal 100, Amsterdam, Instant Music Day

-22nd  L'Oeil Kollectif Groove Band  at L'An Vert, Liège  with Louis Freres, Farida Amadou, Xavière Fertin, Marius Morsomme

-23rd  Duo with Suzuki Junzo (jp) at L'Aquilone, Liège

-24th  L'Oeil Kollectif's "Parcours Sonore"  Streets and places, open air, in Liège   More infos soon!


-21st  6 with Morgane Carnet, Basile Naudet, Olivia Scemana, Augustin Bette at Petit Balcon, Paris

-29th  Bobby de Nazareth + OKGB at SuperVue Festival, Liège 


-4th  OKGB at La Zone, Liège  (Support for Embryo)

-11th  Ciné-Club at Le Hangar, Liège with Nystagmus (duo with Farida Amadou)

-21st  Trio Rosa Parlato-Claude Colpaert-Tom Malmendier at Café de la Fontaine, Verlinghem (59-France)

-22nd  Trio Parlato-Colpaert-Malmendier in Lille

-23rd  Festival "Notre Drame", Hellemmes (59, France) with Claude Colpaert, Pat Riské, Rosa Parlato, Quentin Conrate, ...

-29th  Solo "without instrument" in Fontin (Esneux)


-2nd  Ciné-Club at Le Hangar (Liège): Die Puppe (1919) with Clément Dechambre, Louis Freres, Xavière Fertin  -

-12th  L'Oeil Kollectif's JazzOff at L'An Vert (Liège), trio with Louis Freres and Pierre Gerard + Taku Sugimoto

-13th  Trio with Farida Amadou and Anil Eraslan at Espaces des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris 

-15th  Trio with Farida Amadou and Morgane Carnet at Petit Balcon, Paris

-17th+18th  Duo with Yoko Kikuchi at Espace Noirhomme, Bruxelles

-21st  Duo with thisquietarmy and improsession with Dirk Serries at Christuskirche Bochum (Ger)

-25th to 28th  (France-Belgium/TBA) 6 with Augustin Bette, Olivia Scemana, Farida Amadou, Basile Naudet, Morgane Carnet


-1st  Duo with Basile Naudet at Chat Noir, Paris

-3rd  Duo with Cécile Thévenot at Chat Noir, Paris

-5th  Duo with Cécile Thévenot at "Dimanche de l'impro", Paris

-17th  NoisEvening at La Zone, Liège   TBA


-3rd  Quartet with Farida Amadou, Hanne de Backer and Audrey Lauro at De Studio, Antwerp, Soundinmotion

-4th  Ciné-Club at Le Hangar, Liège with OKGB (Oeil Kollectif Groove Band) (Farida Amadou, Henri Charlier, Louis Freres, Marius Morsomme, Xavière Fertin, Clément Dechambre)

-14th  L'Oeil Kollectif's JazzOff at L'An Vert, with Troika

-22nd  HGU at Eglise Ste Catherine, Liège



-9th  Trio with Olivia Scemama and Emilie Girard-Charest at Tiasci, Paris

-11th  6! at Zorba, Paris (with Basile Naudet, Morgane Carnet, Olivia Scemama, Louis Prado, Augustin Bette)

-20th  L'Oeil Kollectif event at Cercle du Laveu, Liège, trio with Farida Amadou and Xavière Fertin. (before Verbruggen/Demoulin/Wooley/Haker-Flaten)

-30th  Tandem at FIM Basel


-10th  Trio with Henri Gonay and Olivier Pé at Cercle Du Laveu, Liège

-16th&17th  Première of "10:10" at les Chiroux, Liège, Compagnie Nyash

-27th  Manolito at Instants Chavirés, Paris 


-8th  L'Oeil Kollectif's JazzOff at L'An Vert, Liège

-23rd  La Belle Borgne release party, KulturA., Liège

-28th  QUAM! at Café Central, Bruxelles

-29th  QUAM! at Helicopter, Den Haag

-31st  QUAM! at Amsterdam, SUP Impro


-1st  QUAM! at Impro Jam, De Ruimte, Amsterdam 

-2nd  QUAM! at Garagen, Aarhus (Denmark)

-3rd  QUAM! at Koncertkirken, Copenhagen

-7th  Nystagmus, Berlin, TBA

-9th  Nystagmus at Kuhlspot, Berlin   feat. Ruben Tennenbaum

-10th  Nystagmus at T-Berlin, Berlin   feat. A.Eraslan & P.Lemoine

-11th  Nystagmus, Dresden, TBA

-12th  Nystagmus, Kulturnhalle, Leipzig 

-13th  Nystagmus, Koblenz, TBA     feat. Ingo Weiss

-21st  Stratosphere Releaseshow, Kasteel Bouckenborgh, Antwerp with Aidan Baker, Dirk Series, Astoreth, N

-24th   Quintet with Cécile Thévenot, Anil Eraslan, Timothée Quost, Olivia Scemama at Chat Noir, Paris

-25th  Duo with Cécile Thévenot at Tiasci, Paris 

-26th  Duo Teostok + trio with Olivia Scemana and Anil Eraslan at Petit Balcon, Paris 

-27th  Quartet with Olivia Scemama, Niels Mestre and Timothée Quost at Pocofest#3, Poitiers


-4th & 5th  10:10 at La Raffinerie, Charleroi Danses, Molembeek, Brussel

-6th   Nystagmus at Magasin 4, Brussel

-8th  10:10 at Ekla, Strépy-Bracquegnies

-10th  Duo with Sophie Agnel at L'An Vert, Liège  with L'Oeil Kollectif

-11th  HGU-Ogives Release Party, Rue Vivegnis, Liège

-12th   "Là où ça sent..." with Bertrand de Lamalle, Louis Freres and VolAuVent, fiEstival, Espace Seghor, Brussel

-13th  Manolito at La Zone, Liège   + Where is Mr. R?? + L'Oeil Kollectif

-18th  Duo with Augustin Gimel (video) at Les Brasseurs, Liège

-27th  with "Be Flat" at Latitude 50, Marchin


-5th  Duo with Phil Maggi at Barfly, Montréal

-8th  Duo with Phil Maggi at Ok Là Festival, Suoni per il Popolo, Montréal

-12th Trio with Philippe Lemoine and Anil Eraslan, + quartet with the same and Sylvain Cathala at Chat Noir, Paris 

-14th  JazzOff L'Oeil Kollectif at L'An Vert, Liège

-18th  Melis (Quentin Stokart and Sophie Melis) at Greenhouse, Berlin

-20th  Melis + Jonathan Nagel at Kuhlspot, Berlin

-21st   Group performance at Rhizome, Rue Puits-en-Sock, Liège  

-22nd  Impro at Eglise Ste-Catherine, Liège  with HGU, L'Oeil Kollectif, ....

-23th  L'Oeil Kollectif + Collectif du Lion at Musée de la vie Wallonne, Liège

-27th  Suiker Zuiker at Magasin 4, Bruxelles (+ Moe)

-29th  Group performance at Rhizome, Liège  

-30th  Trinkhallen Tour in Liège, day1, with Xavière Fertin, Florian Walter and others, different places, Liège  More infos soon


-1st  Trinkhallen Tour day2,   More infos soon

-14th  Escargot, end of residency show, Buis, Drôme

-27th + 28th  Supervue, Liège   More infos soon


-4th  Trio with Phil Maggi + Sebastien Schmidt at Micro Festival, Liège

-16th Duo with Kazehito Seki at LoopHole, Berlin

-23rd "10:10" with Compagnie Nyash at Rencontres Jeune Public, Huy

-25th  Trio with Phil Maggi and Pavel Tchikov at Riversijde, Ostende


-1st  Creation at la Vif, Bourgogne  

-1st  Escargot (Timothée Quost, Camille Emaille, Louis Freres, Xavière Fertin) at la Vif, Bourgogne

-11th  Manolito at KulturA., Liège  with also BOAT and L'Oeil Kollectif

-14th  Manolito at Zorba, Paris  with also Moop

-15th  Manolito at CCL, Lille

-16th  Escargot at RPT, Nancy

-22nd Escargot at Gamut Festival, Zürich


-2nd  Quartet with Louis Prado, Basile Naudet, Morgane Carnet at Chat Noir, Paris 

-4th  Trio with Olivia Scemama + Clara Weil at Petit Balcon, Paris

-5th-31st  Canada Tour with Tandem (Anouck Genthon and Ed Williams)


-2nd TomInvite at L'An Vert, Liège   Duo with Stephan Ink

-8th Quartet with Quentin Stokart, Guillerme Rodriguez and Johan Moir at Creatives Sources Fest, Lisbon

-11th Trio with Anil Eraslan and Clara Weill at PILS Collectif, Strasbourg

-21st Quartet with Hanne de Backer, Bart Maris and Nicolas Puma at Hot Club de Gand

-24th Festnoïzz at La Zone, Liège 


-7th HGU nonet at Les Brasseurs, Liège

-9th Nystagmus at La Zone, Liège,  with Lori Goldstein and Piloot

-13th L'Oeil Kollectif JazzOff at L'An Vert, with GUM!

-22nd Christmas Party with pavel Tchikov, HGU, L'Oeil Kollectif, G.W. Sok, Suiker Zuiker, and many more at Eglise Ste Catherine



-6th  Impro Jam at De Ruimte, Amsterdam, with Jonathan Nagel, Arvind Ganga, Manuela Tessi and Thalia Laric

-8th With John Dikeman, Farida Amadou, Sam Weinberg, Tristan Renfrow, Luis Vicente at Zaal100, Amsterdam

-10th  L'Oeil Kollectif JazzOff with Namioto, at L'An Vert, Liège

-23rd  With Louis Freres and Xavière Fertin at Accueil Froid, Amiens  with Le Singe Blanc

-24th  OKGB at KulturA, Liège

-26th  TomInvite Brice Dreessen at L'An Vert, Liège

-30th  Animalwrath with Phil Maggi and Xavier Dubois at Belvédère, Namur  with Jerusalem In My Heart


-4th  Animalwrath with Phil Maggi at KulturA, Liège  with Jerusalem In My Heart

-5th  With Guilherme Rodrigues and Luis Lopes at Desterro, Lisbon

-7th  With Guilherme Rodrigues, Ernesto Rodrigues, Carla Santana, Carlos Santos at Irreal, Lisbon

-14th  JazzOff, L'Oeil Kollectif at L'An Vert, Liège  with Timothée Quost

-16th  Dépouille #1, Creation for 10 musicians, composed by Timothée Quost, at Eglise Ste-Catherine, En Novice, Liège

-20th  With Nils Vermeulen and Audrey Lauro  at Hot Club de Gand

-22nd  NéKid, Tom Malmendier solo, World Première at KulturA, Liège  with Jozef Dumoulin, Clément Dechambre, Alain Deval

-24th+25th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash, at EKLA, Strépy-Bracquegnies


-7th  Masked Pickle (Olivia Scemama, Clara Weil, TM)  at CCL, Lille

-8th  Masked Pickle  at La Zone, Liège  with L'Oeil Kollectif, others

-11th  NéKid Tom Malmendier solo  at Hot Club de Gand,  with Louis Freres solo

-15th  Là où ça sent...  (Volauvent, Louis Freres, Bertrand de Lamalle, TM)  at Le Hangar, Liège

-23rd  TomInvite Robert Torche at L'An Vert, Liège


-6th  WE MISS GEORGE Quartet with Noah Punkt, Christa Abels, and Marietheres Schneider  at Pracht, Leipzig

-7th  NéKid Tom Malmendier solo  at NoiseBerg, Berlin

-10th  With Quentin Stokart, Guilherme Rodrigues, Johan Moir  at Hosek Contemporary Art, Berlin

-12th  With Quentin Stokart, Guilherme Rodrigues, Johan Moir  at Sowieso, Berlin

-20th  NéKid Tom Malmendier solo,  perf at Les Brasseurs, Liège

-24th -> 3rd/05  Off to Mulhouse with 10:10, Compagnie Nyash


-4th   L'Oeil Kollectif  at Parc de la Boverie, Liège

-10th  Qumran Grounds (Phil Maggi, Pavel Tchikov, TM) at Eglise Ste Catherine, Liège  with O3, Quost-Zielinski-Du Closel

-16th  Animalwrath with Phil Maggi and Xavier Dubois at Jazz à Liège, La Halte

-17th  TomInvite L.A.N.D.O. at L'An Vert, Liège

-19th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash, at Le Manège, Mons

-19th  Nystagmus feat. Pavel Tchikov at Jazz à Liège, La Halte

-20th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash, at Le Manège, Mons

-23rd -> 26th  OKGB on tour   Berlin+Essen

-29th  Manolito, release party at Café de Paris, Paris


-1st  Les Marquises (première, with Emilie Škrijelj) at Vedanza, Luxembourg

-7th  Les Marquises at WIM, Zürich

-9th  With Stephane Clor, Jeanne Barbieri and Emilie Škrijelj  at Stimultania, Strasbourg

-11th  néKid#2  (with Sab Nicole)  at La Balsamine (Bruxelles), for PIF Festival

-13th  OKGB  at JazzOff, L'An Vert, Liège

-15th  Manolito  at Festival Les Oreilles Libres, Paris

-20th  D.I.E. Grand ensemble  at Wesserling 

-22nd  néKid (solo)  at Bibliothèque Mulhouse, Festival Météo

-22nd  D.I.E.   at Motoko Mulhouse 

-23rd  OKGB at La Nature Festival  

-25th  Quartet with thisquietarmy, Pavel Tchikov and Phil Maggi  at Café Central

-26th  Quartet with thisquietarmy, PAvel Tchikov and Phil Maggi  at Eglise Ste-Catherine, Liège

-30th  Quartet with Aaron Lumley, Emilie Girard-Charest and Marielle Groven at Roze Tanker, Amsterdam


-10th -> 20th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash, Les Hivernales/Théâtre des Doms, Avignon


-3rd  OKGB  at MicroFestival, Liège

-28th  Dreieck Interférences Ensemble  at Festival Météo, Mulhouse

-31st  Ending Show workshop with kids  at Festival Météo, Mulhouse


-5th  Masked Pickle  at Zorba, Paris

-7th  Phil Maggi "Animalwrath" Quartet  at Meakusma Festival, Eupen

-12th  HGU  at Cirque Electrique, Paris  (En Veux-Tu en V'là)

-13th  HGU  at Cirque Electrique, Paris  (Collectif Loo)

-14th  HGU  at La VIF, Fontaines (Bourgogne)

-20th  Escargot, House Concert, Rouen

-21st  Escargot,  Atelier 13, Dieppe

-23rd  Escargot, La Malterie, Lille (Collectif Muzzix)

-28th  OKGB, Le Brass, Brussel


-2nd  Nuits  at CCL, Lille

-4th  Nuits  at Eglise Ste-Catherine, Liège

-5th  Nuits  at La Chaouée, Metz

-6th  Nuits  at DOC, Festival Les Sonifères, Paris

-8th  Nuits  at *secret place* , Strasbourg (Kreis/Collectif Continu)

-10th  JazzOff  at L'An Vert, L'Oeil Kollectif,  with Kodian Trio

-16th  néKid  at Café Central, Brussel  (+Lazara Rossel  +Jason Van Gulick)

-17th  10:10  at Les Brigittines, Brussel

-18th  Trio with Dirk Serries and Tom Jackson  at A New Wave Of Jazz Festival, at De Singer, Rijkevoersel

-27th  10:10  at Wollubilis, Brussel

-29th -> 31st  10:10 , Voronej, Russia


-9th  Meeting between L'Oeil Kollectif and Muzzix, La Zone, Liège

-11th  10:10 , Bronks, Brussel

-14th  Les Marquises  at De Ruimte, Amsterdam

-16th  N E I G E  (première, with Catherine Barsics)  at Le Hangar, Liège

-18th -> 23rd   Creative Sources Fest, Lisbon   (Quartet with Emilie Skrijelj, Ernesto Rodrigues and Miguel Mira + Quartet with Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernani Faustinho and Luis Vicente)


-7th  Les Amants  (première, with Emilie Škrijelj)  at La Zone, Liège

-9th  Franq.  at Hot Club de Gand, Gent

-12th  Schlagzeuf performance, with Emilie Skrijelj, drawings  at L'An Vert, Liège

-12th   JazzOff  at L'An Vert, L'Oeil Kollectif,  with Guilherme Rodrigues, Quentin Stokart, Johan Moir

-14th  Quartet with Quentin Stokart, Guilherme Rodrigues, Johan Moir  , Brussel,  tba

-17th  10:10, Nyash, Roubaix

-19th -> 21st  10:10, Nyash, Théâtre de Namur

-21st  N E I G E (with Catherine Barsics) at Pépouz Café, Liège  



-8th  Quartet with Philippe Lemoine, Quentin Stokart and Frans Van Isacker at Tropicana, Brussel

-9th  JazzOff at L'An Vert, Liège  with L'Oeil Kollectif, Philippe Lemoine, Anil Eraslan

-16th  Marquises (Skrijelj/Malmendier)  at Zorba, Paris

-17th  Quintet with Alex Du Closel, Emilie Skrijelj, Thomas Zielinski and Philippe Lemoine  at Secret Place, Paris

-20th to 23rd  10:10, Nyash Company  at Montagne Magique, Brussel

-25th  Nuits  at Ini-Art Festival, Sarrebruck  (with Stéphane Clor, Thomas Coquelet and Emilie Skrijelj)


-1st  N E I G E  (with Catherine Barsics)  at Delta, Namur

-2nd to 4th  10:10, Nyash  at Chiroux, Liège

-3rd  Marquises  at Hot Club de Gand, Gent (Troika series)

-5th  Quartet with Quentin Stokart, Lennart Heyndels and Guro Tveitnes  at Tropicana, Brussel

-11th  Septet with Emilie Skrijelj, Katharina Bieler, Elisabeth Flunger, Emanuelle Pellegrini, Stefan Scheib and Marius Buck  at BuckBlech, Sarrebruck

-15th  LesAmants (with Emilie Skrijelj)  at Chateau 404, Metz

-21st  Nuits  at Ateliers Claus, Brussel  (opening act for Ex/Draksler duo)

-22nd  Nuits  at L'An Vert, Liège  TomInvite

-23rd  10:10, Nyash  at Petit Théâtre Mercelis, Brussel

-27th  Dreieck Interférences Ensemble  at Stimultania, Strasbourg

-28th  Manolito  at Maison de la musique, Nanterre


-4th to 8th  Bobby de Nazareth Tour

  -4th  Hot Club de Gand, Gent

  -5th  CCL, Lille

  -6th  L'An Vert, Liège

  -7th  Accueil Froid, Amiens

  -8th  Les Pianos, Montreuil (Paris)

-11th  Trio with Cécile Thévenot and Henk Zwerver  at Zaal 100, Amsterdam  (Mixtural series)

-15th + 16th  10:10, Nyash  at Centre Culturel, Verviers

-18th to 27th  Tour with Thisquietarmy (infos)

-28th  10:10, Nyash  at La Minoterie, Dijon

-31st  10:10, Nyash  at La Vennerie, Brussel


-1st  10:10, Nyash  at La Vennerie, Brussel

-3rd  10:10, Nyash  at Es^pace Ronny Coutteure, Grenay (Fr)

-4th  TBA

-13th  Trio with Luis Vicente and Thijs Troch  at Hot Cled Gand, Gent  (Troika series)

-15th  10:10, Nyash  at cultuurcentrum Berchem, Antwerp

-17th  Escargot  at L'An Vert, Liège  (with Louis Freres, Xavière Fertin and Camille Emaille)

-21st  Escargot  at Moods, Zurich

-24th  Marquises (Skrijelj/Malmendier) at Quai du Bourbon, Paris


-2nd  10:10, Nyash  in Roskilde (Dk)

-5th to 19th  10:10, Nyash  Tour in Franche-Comté (Fr)  (details)

-22nd  Duo with Onno Govaert  at Innegraasj, Jazzblazzt, Nijmegen (Nl)

-24th  Masked Pickle  at KlangBang, Basel  (with Clara Weil, Olivia Scemama)

-29th to 5th (June)  Franz Malbaum Tour  (New Quartet with Ruben Tenenbaum, Louis Freres and Joke Lanz)

   -29th  TBA

   -30th  L'An Vert, Liège  TomInvite

   -31st  TBA


   -1st  La Malterie, Muzzix, Lille

   -2nd  Accueil Froid, Amiens (TBC)

   -3rd  PiedNu, Le Havre

   -4th  Secret Place, Rouen

   -5th  Secret Place, Sénarpont

-6th  Schlagzeug performance  at Factorine, Nancy  (with Emilie Skrijelj)

-13th  Marquises (Skrijelj/Malmendier)  at TBA, Périgueux

-19th  Marquises (Skrijelj/Malmendier)  at Factorine, Nancy (Sortie de résidence Emilie Skrijelj)

-25th  Quartet with Fred Frith, Clara Weil and Anil Eraslan  at Exploratorium, Berlin

-27th  Marquises (Skrijelj/Malmendier)  at Bazardier Festival, Nancy


-8th  Duo with Dirk Serries, Jazzblast (Nl)

-14th-15th  Presqeu île (with Emilie Skrijelj) Mulhouse (with Météo Festival)

-16th  Perf with Stéphane Clor and Emilie Skrijelj, Motoco, Mulhouse

-28th  nuits @ Festival Météo, Mulhouse


-12th  Les Marquises @ Kud Kussa, Lokavec (SLO) 

-14th  Les Marquises @ Impronedjeljak, Zagreb (HR) 

-15th  Les Marquises @ CK13, Novi Sad (SRB) 

-16th  Les Marquises @ Kulturni Centar Lab, Novi Sad (SRB) 

-18th  Les Marquises @ Jazzaj, Budapest (H) 

-19th  Les Marquises @ T3, Bratislava (SK)  

-20th  Les Marquises @ Neue Music in St Rupech, Vienne (AT)  

-21st  Dieb13, Tom Malmendier, E. Škrijelj @ Monday session, Vienne (AT)  

-23rd  Les Marquises @ Divadlo29, Paradubidce (CZ)  

-24th  Les Marquises @ Bludny Kamen, Opava (CZ)  

-25th  Les Marquises  + Boris Janje @ Chilli Jazz Congress (AT) 

-30th  Les Marquises @ Hosek Contemporary, Berlin (DE)


-08th  Les Marquises @ Mullbau, Luzern (CH)  


-6th   Les Marquises @ Bazardier, Nancy (F)

-9th   Duo with Franz Hautzinger, Munich (D)

-13th Les Marquises @ T3, Bratislava (SK)

-14th Krapo Quartet (Eric Normand, Franz Hautzinger, ErikM, TM) @ Alternativa Festival, Prague (CZ)

-17th to 21st  10:10, Nyash, Rotondes, Luxembourg

-28th  Escargot, Musique en mouvement, Jarny (F)


-1st to 10th  10:10, Nyash, Bas-Rhin (F)



-12th-13th  10:10; Nyash, Charleroi Danse (B)

-20th/01 -> 20th/02  10:10, Nyash,  Tour Bretagne (F) 


-5th  Trio with David Bausseron and Barbara Dang, Muzzix Festival, Lille (F)

-23rd  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ Duisburg (D)

-24th  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ Kiel (D)

-26th  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ Winterjazz, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen


-1st   Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises  TBA

-2nd  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises  TBA

-3rd   Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises  TBA

-4th   Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ Interpenetration, Graz (A)

-5th   Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises feat Elio Amberg TBA

-6th   Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises feat Robert Torche TBA

-11th+12th  10:10, Nyash, Rouen

-13th Escargot @ DOC, Caen (F)

-16th  10:10, Nyash, Sedan (F)

-22nd->26th  10:10, Nyash, Nîmes (F)


-4th->24th  10:10, Nyash, Tour Bretagne (F)

-18th  "Epitaph" w/ Dirk Serries and Rutger Zuydervelt @ Roadburn Festival (Nl)


-5th  N E I G E (w/ Catherine Barsics) @ HECh, Liège (B)

-7th  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ Muse en Circuit, Paris (F) (livestream)

-8th  Quartet with G. Piano, J. Dikeman and P. Jacquemyn @ Zsenne, Brussel (B)

-15th  Trio with Gasper Piano and Gregoire Tirtiaux @ Zsenne, Brussel (B)

-26th+27th  10:10, Nyash, CEP Party (F)

-29th  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ Théâtre de Vanves, Switch Festival, Paris (F)


-4th  Schlagzeug (performance with Emilie Skrijelj) @ La Factorine, Nancy (F)

-5th  Collapse, Cie Abis-Julien Carlier - work in progress- @ Charleroi Danse, Charleroi (B)

-8th  N E I G E (w/ Catherine Barsics) @ Chênée, Open air show (B)

-10th+11th  With Emilie Skrijelj and Collectif Les Arènes @ Rennes (F)

-16th+17th  10:10, Nyash @ Charleroi Danse, Charleroi (B)

-18th  Skrijelj/Malmendier-Marquises @ La Factorine, Nancy (F)

-25th  nuits (S.Clors/A.Lesecq/E.Skrijelj/TM) @ Bruisme, Poitiers (F)

-27th  Eraslan/Frith/Malmendier/Weil Quartet @ Exploratorium Berlin (D)

-30th  Duo with Susanna Ylikoski @ Hosek Contemporary, Berlin (D)


-4th+5th  10:10, Nyash @ Think Big Festival, Munich (D)

-7th  nuits (S.Clors/A.Lesecq/E.Skrijelj/TM) @ Périscope, Lyon (F)


-14th  N E I G E (duo with Catherine Barsics) @ Place aux Artistes, Liège (B)

-27th  Creation with Mike Ladd and Emilie Skrijelj @ Festival Météo, Mulhouse (F)


-24th  Duo with Dirk Serries + Quartet w/Serries, Stokart, Freres @ Tropicana, Brussel (B)

-25th  N E I G E @ Poétik Bazar, Brussel (B)

-29th  Quartet w/Dirk Serries, Nico Puma, Bart Maris @ Hot Club de Gand, Gent (B)


-6th  Trio w/ Dirk Serries and Tom Jackson @ Boom Café, Brussel (B)

-14th  "Collapse" première, Compagnie Abis/Julien Carlier @ Biennale Charleroi Danse (B)

-16th  nuits (S.Clor/A.Lesecq/E.Skrijelj/TM) @ Atlantique Jazz Festival, Brest (F)

-29th  Trio w/ Elio Amberg and Emilie Skrijelj @ WIM, Zürich (CH)

-31st  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Cave 12, Genève (CH)


-2nd  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Spettro, Brescia (I)

-4th   Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Interpenetration, Graz (A)

-5th   Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ T3, Bratislava (SK)

-9th & 10th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Très Tôt Théatre, Quimper (F)

-12th  Trio w/Franz Hautzinger and Eric Normand @ Offene Ohren, Munich (D)

-13th  Krapo quartet w/ Hautzinger, Normand, eRikM @ Alternativa Festival, Prague (CZ)

-21st & 22nd  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Centre Culturel Verviers (B)

-26th  nuits (S.Clor/A.Lesecq/E.Skrijelj/TM) @ Impakt & Labor, Köln (D)

-27th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ ARTist, Wiesbaden (D)

-28th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Elektrosmog, Zeitraumexit, Mannheim (D)


-3rd  Escargot (C.Emaille, X.Fertin, L.Freres, T.M) @ L'An Vert, Liège (B)

-4th  Escargot (C.Emaille, X.Fertin, L.Freres, T.M) @ Musique en Mouvement, Jarny (B)

-29th  Quartet w/Serries, Dikeman, Skrijelj @ PlusEtage, (N)



-11th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Le Sax, Achères (F)

-14th & 16th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Illiade, Lingolsheim (F)


-1st & 2nd  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Quai des Arts, Rumilly (F)

-4th 10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Théatre des Collines, Annecy (F)

-16th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Bordeaux (F)  TBC

-17th  Mike Ladd / Emilie Skrijelj / Tom Malmendier @ Einstein on the beach, Bordeaux (F)

-18th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Celtic Pub, Tarbes (F)

-20th -> 28th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier  Spain/Portugal Tour   TBA


-3rd & 4th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ La Maillette, Locminé (F)

-10th  Escargot (C.Emaille, X.Fertin, L.Freres, T.M) @ TBA

-11th  Escargot (C.Emaille, X.Fertin, L.Freres, T.M) @ PiedNu, Le Havre (F)

-12th  Escargot (C.Emaille, X.Fertin, L.Freres, T.M) @ DOC, Caen (F)

-24th  Duo w/ Dimos Vryzas @ L'An Vert, Liège (B)

-25th  Quartet w/ Dimos Vryzas, Quentin Stokart, Sylvain Haenen @ Tropicana, Brussel (B)

-27th  Trio w/ Dimos Vryzas and Emilie Skrijelj @ Collectif Pils, Strasbourg (F)


-7th -> 10th  10:10, Compagnie Nyash @ Espace Culturel Pointe de Caux, Gonfreville (F)

-12th  Trio w/ Nicolas Puma and Hanne De Backer @ Klankhaven, Antwerp (B)

-16th  2SCHIEVE w/Fanny Brouyaux - 1st try-out! @ Tic Tac Centre, Brussel (B)

-22nd  nuits, Residency ending @ Lieux Multiples, Poitiers (F)

-23rd  Tonus (Dirk Serries band) @ Roadburn Festival, Paradox, Tilburg (Nl)

-27th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ KM28, Berlin (D)

-30th  BRUINE (M.Thieke, E.Skrijelj, T.Malmendier) @ Sowieso, Berlin (D)


-3rd & 4th (day)  N E I G E @ Cité Mirroir, Liège (B)

-3rd  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Klankhaven, Antwerp (B)

-5th  Quintet w/D.Serries, E.Skrijelj, C.Webster, P.De Groote @ TBA, Antwerp (B)

-6th  Trio w/ Christine Abdelnour and Emilie Skrijelj @ Musique en Mouvement, Jarny (F)

-23rd  nuits @ Musique Action, CCAM, Vandoeuvre-lez-Nancy (F)

-29th  "T'erres" (new project Compagnie Nyash) @ Centre Culturel Andenne (B)


-1st -> 4th  "Collapse" Compagnie Abis/Julien Carlier @ Théâtre les Tanneurs, Brussel (B)

-11th  "Collapsing the street" performance, Les Brigittines, Brussel (B)

-17th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Subsol Raum, Düssel (D)

-18th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ TBA, Dortmund (D)

-19th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Black Box, Munster (D)

-20th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ TBA, Kassel (D)

-24th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Koncertkirkken, Copenhagen (DK)

-26th  "T'erres" Compagnie Nyash @ Festival Sauterelles (B)

-28th  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier feat. Elio Amberg @ FIM, Basel (CH)

-29th  YouBitCold (Elio Amberg/Emilie Skrijelj/T.M.) @ Elektrosmog, Mannheim (D)

-30th  YouBitCold @ BuckBlech, Saarbrücken (D)


-2nd   YouBitCold @ La Pointe Lafayette, Paris (F)

-14th  nuits @ Jazz à Luz, Luz Saint-Sauveur (F)

-23rd  Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Konfrontationen, Nickelsdorf (A)

-30th  nuits @ Marais Poitevin, Arçais (F)




-3rd   Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Bazardier Festival, Nancy (F)

-4th   Trio with Anil eraslan and Fred Frith @ Meakusma Festival, Eupen (B)

-9th   Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Mozg Festival, Bydgoszcz (PLN)

-14th Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Punctum, Prague (CZ)

-15th Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Echoraum, Vienna (A)

-16th Marquises - Skrijelj/Malmendier @ Halle 6, Munich (D)

-17th (17h) N E I G E @ Jazz à Huy, Huy (B)

-17th (20h) Duo with Pavel Tchikov @ Cupper Café, Liège (B)







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